New Bank Rules Latest Bank Charge List Apply 20 January 2020

Bank Rules 2020: Banks are updating new rules and according to it customers will pay many charges for services. These new bank rules will apply on 20 January 2020. today OkGujarat.Com will share a new bank charges list after rules applied.

New Bank Charge List 2020

From January 20, 2020 bank charges for all services. this service is free before these rules applied. we know all bank customers never like this kind of bank rules and charges. what is your opinion about it say in the comment box?

For cash withdrawal, passbook updates, check deposits, and internet banking service customers have to pay 10 rs per service. balance statement, checkbook request, address update, debit card, (dd, PO, ECS issue), etc types request 25 rs charge you have to pay. signature verification, interest certificate charge was 50 rs.

Cash withdrawal: Rs.10 per transaction
Cash Deposit:
For an amount over 50,000
2.50 per thousand rupees
Update passbook: Rs.10 per statement
Balance statement:  statement, Rs. 25
Checkbook Request: Per Request, Rs. 25
Signature Verification: Rs.50 per statement
DD, PO, ECS Issue: Per Statement Rs. 25
Check deposit: Rs.10 for clearing
Interest certificate: Rs.50 per certificate
Communication address: Rs. 25 per request
Debit Card Request: Rs. 25 per request
Internet Mobile Banking Request: Rs.10 per request

From depositing money in the bank to withdrawing, free banking service is going to end now.  It has started with the Bank of Baroda. Bank of India, PNB, Axis, and Central Bank can also make a decision in this matter soon. However, this charge will have to be paid only after banking beyond the prescribed limit. From November 1, a charge will be levied on both these services in the bank. After the change in the rules, customers will have to pay a charge for depositing and withdrawing their money in banks.

Which accounts will be charged?

Separate charges for deposit withdrawals have been fixed in Savings Bank Account. From next month, every time the customer withdraws money from the account after three times, they will have to pay a charge of Rs 150. Bank of Baroda has fixed charges for depositing and withdrawing money in the current account, cash credit limit, and overdraft account updates.

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