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College Grandes At Top Computer University

What's going on guys I'm back anothervideo and this video I'm going to be reacting to my first semester grades sothe university I went to which is the University of Maryland is a top 12computer science University and for those of you don't know Michael my majoris computer science reacting to college grades so this university is very competitivefor me and for my major so what I was trying to get was a 4.0.

College Grandes At Top Computer University

this semesterright that's what everyone wants to get first semester college grades and it's not like the standardUniversity we ran a equation to a 4.0 and a B equates to a Universitythe way it does it is a plus and it a is first semester college grades a 4.0 and a minus is a 3.7 so a minus isanywhere from a ninety to ninety two point nine nine and that's what youdon't want to get right if some of them watching it before put on first semesterand guide just a quick notice that's a Computer.

Science major at a topuniversity getting a 4.0 all four years is highly unlikely and I'm not bettingon that which again 4.0 at the strawberry college trio really sets youup for success it really sets a precedent for how you should be workingfor semesters to come so that's why I was really keen on games 4.0 andhopefully

I got it I haven't checked out my final grades here teachers were stillputting in grades final exams in so now it's really time to see what I got Iknow some professors some professors they're not the nicest they're theydon't curve grades at all guys college.

 curving grades is very unlikely if youhave an 89 you want to get an a-minus  reacting to college grades you wanna get that 90 and you ask youprofessor they'll most likely say no now just to keep it 100 I did party a lotalright my university is known for his party.

So I didn't go there a lot but thesame time when it came to work I definitely worked really hard when first semester college gradesto the wall understand and we'll see what happens good I do expect a 4.0 justbecause I put in that work but you never know somebody's profess to be trippin onactually.

Okay so this is the main page testudoour turtles ninja studio because we're special and we're gonna see how thisgoes  reacting to college grades pretty sure you click on grades  reacting to college grades Oh Oh all right guys let's gowait yeah I did yeah.

 hey cuz yeah yeah all right betI got a footprint on guys Wow first semester college grades my EAP teacher came through actuallythis was a easy clearly easy class I should expect a buzz in this classhonors now.

I had a 91% I remember I had a 91% before like the last two gradeswent in and did all the calculations in my head and I genuinely thought that Iwould not be able to go to a A+ so I'm pretty sure my professor.

 bumped me upI felt not mistaken I'm pretty sure you bumped me up to a so Wow thank you ThankYou professor foo oh shoot what else I've matched before they got an A Okaythis is a hard class guys like no no lie for all the CS majors you're gonna haveto take linear algebra it's required at least in America a plows communicationis very easy class computer science now this class I went so hard in it.

 becauseit's my major class and you want to do first semester college grades all your majoralright that's her that's a class that's gonna set you up for your career I wasable to do well in that that's amazing let's go mannow second semester I don't know if I'll first semester college grades still get it for for no but wow that'sreally that's really tough so I hope you guys enjoy this videowow

'm I'm actually stoked I got a 4.0 it just to start them like I'm a hundredpercent sure on 99% sure that my GPA may fall actually will fall through thisthrough the semesters because I know my third semester of college would be myhardest CS class it's like known as 351 which is our algorithms and that's likeso but Wooper right can you certain words in this YouTube platform but uhthat's a class I know may take my GPA away.

my 4.0 away but you know it's allgood I'm glad that I'm able to have this 4.0 to start off college and we'll seewhere this takes me thank you guys for watching like thevideo share comment a lot of college videos will be coming out soon because Iwant to move away from just SAT.

but there are so buddy SAT videos for my SATfollowers but now there'd be more first semester college grades college videos lifestyle videos so thankyou guys for watching stay tuned for more big things are comingoops 
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